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Bespoke Data Centre Services


You can trust Colocentric to source services to support your data centre, colocation and hosting projects to meet your business objectives. We specialise in identifying and sourcing comprehensive technology services for IT infrastructure.


Enhance your business’s data centre, colocation and hosting services by accessing our international network for ideal solutions. We capture your requirements and liaise with our partners in a virtual team to fully achieve your goals.


With our connections across the globe, we’re able to refer you to experts in the field to help you transform your network quickly and efficiently. What’s more, each of these can be tailored to suit your business and budget.

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Get in touch with us to discuss our data centre services with our skilled technical consultants.

About Us

Contacting Colocentric will ensure that your business' data centre operations are optimised. Established in 2010, our technical consultants provide a range of telecommunications and data centre services to enterprises, call centres, IT support companies, and small to medium-sized businesses. Using our considerable experience of the industry and our international network, we capture your exact requirements by identifying the best business solutions customised to your needs.